Texting blamed for rising teen pedestrian injuries

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Many of us have done it — checked our phones to read a new text or send a quick tweet as we stroll down the street. While we know we should watch where we’re going, we think, worst case: […]

Trader Joe’s peanut butter recalled for salmonella

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Federal health officials are warning consumers not to eat Trader Joe’s Valencia Creamy Salted Peanut Butter after the product was linked to salmonella infections that have sickened 29 people in 18 states.

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How the brain interprets art

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Art is not reality, and yet we recognize our reality in it and find at least some of it beautiful. Scientists have been working to understand how the brain perceives art and what about it people tend to find […]

How to Eat Healthier Meals at McDonald?s

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This week, McDonald’s will start posting calorie counts on the menu boards inside their fast food restaurants.  They will also provide the same information on the drive-thru signs.  In a release, a spokesperson for the company said McDonald’s made […]

Kids gain less if they skip sugary drinks

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Good news for parents worried about their kids’ weight – it’s possible to get them to stop drinking sugary drinks, and the kids gain less weight when they stop, new research shows. The bad news is it takes a […]

What to do after a cancer diagnosis

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Author Judy Blume has breast cancer. CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen and Brooke Baldwin discuss what to do following a diagnosis.

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Stand Up and Work Wednesday

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Today is “Stand Up and Work Wednesday.”  This is a new holiday that I just made up.  Want to help me celebrate?  First, put your chair in a closet.  Then, set up your workspace on a counter or table.  […]

Drug shortages down, but some linger longer

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America’s drug shortage crisis appears to be easing, with a big drop in new reports of vital medications in short supply, including those used to treat cancer and other illnesses.

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Fall Cooking Tip – Make Healthier Creamy Soup

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Have you started your Fall fitness plan?  If part of your plan involves eating lower fat, and lower calorie food, today’s tip will help you reach your goal.  It will also help you enjoy creamy soups, a staple of […]

Great birth stories that put ‘labor’ in Labor Day

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In honor of Labor Day, we asked readers for their best labor stories – and boy, did they deliver! Since everyone has heard the nightmare childbirth stories, we decided to focus on the many joyful, amazing and funny moments […]