Are health checkups necessary?

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Getting yearly physicals makes intuitive sense — routine checkups can pick up early signs of disease and get you on treatment that could save your life. Or can they?

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Breast cancer prevention myths

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Think you’re clear on who’s at risk for breast cancer and what prevents the disease? Maybe not. These reality checks could save your life.

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Can’t make new friends? Keep your smartphone off the table

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Bad cellphone behavior can not only cause problems with loved ones or friends, but a new small study suggests even the presence of one on the table can get in the way of forming new relationships.

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Fecal transplant cures woman

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After surviving a near-fatal car accident, Kaitlin Hunter found herself battling a devastating bacterial infection in her colon that also threatened her life. It was beaten with a little-known technique.

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Fat Attack Goes Viral – Did Obese TV Anchor Go Too Far?

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A La Crosse, Wisconsin news anchor is standing her ground, launching a public defense against hurtful comments made about her excess weight.  Journalist Jennifer Livingston used over 4 minutes of a news segment on Tuesday to address a viewer […]